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New Look, Same Scope

Welcome to the new Preferred Pyroscope. We'll be doing these through email now, meaning you won't have to open a PDF to get the latest Preferred news.

We'll be sending these out on a quarterly basis because we know your email inbox stays busy--which is a good thing!


What's New?
In case you haven't heard, Catalog 25 is on the way. Thank you to all who helped with the writing, editing, and final packaging of the final product.

We have a lot of new and exciting things to show the world, and this catalog is a testament to the great people who come together on a daily basis to deliver cutting-edge, results-driven products.

Without people like you, none of this would matter. Catalog 25 should be in from the printer any day, so make sure you get a copy!

Home Page
Have you seen the new homepage? If not, check it out.

What's Coming Up?
We have a bunch of events coming up in the following weeks. Folks from Preferred will be representing at each of these locations on the following dates:

  • April 26-27 - Med|Ed Trade Show, Boston [Booth #40]
  • May 23-25 - NAWTEC, West Palm, FL
  • May 24-25 - BuildingsNY Trade Show, NYC [Booth #548]
  • June 24-27 - ABMA Annual Meeting, CA

Note: if you are going to an event and would like it shown on the next Pyroscope, please respond to this email with the date, name, and location of the event.


PLC Lab - Coming Soon!
by Rob Frohock

With our increase in projects over the past few years has also come an increase in large control cabinets containing Allen-Bradley PLCs and HMIs. The advantage of these PLCs are their ability to connect to large amounts of devices in a relatively small space. 

Their processors have tremendous power and can be connected in redundant or “hot standby” configurations to allow for increased availability in critical applications.
As these types of projects are typically complex and somewhat custom, we are looking to increase our programming capacity while reducing our time to QC prior to shipment. One of the tools we will use to accomplish this is our PLC Lab.
The PLC Lab will include two Allen-Bradley Compactlogix PLCs with input and output cards to duplicate our typical burner management system (BMS), combustion control system (CCS), or gas blending system. 

It will also include an Allen-Bradley HMI and the ability to connect other devices like a GN flame safeguard or PCC-III loop controllers as needed. The field devices are simulated with switches, lights, relays, and potentiometers. 

The ability to duplicate a system in the PLC Lab prior to the cabinet being fabricated allows for more testing by the programmer and therefore reduced time in QC.
There are also times when there won’t be a cabinet. PSCE has secured an order where we will create the program for another company’s cabinet in the field. 

The existing panel is having troubles that our program will fix. The PLC Lab will allow us to test the programs in Danbury and minimize implementation time in the field.
Finally, the PLC Lab will provide a tool for training engineers and service personnel on tasks associated with PLCs. Uploading and downloading programs, trouble-shooting and replacing hardware, and entering communication parameters are all functions control engineers and service personnel should be able to perform and be able to talk a customer through.
The frame for the PLC Lab is fabricated and the most of the parts have arrived. Our recently retired Joe Covelli has been coming to the factory to design and fabricate the lab. 

Even though we will use parts of the PLC Lab early, look for it to be complete in May 2016.  If you have any questions regarding the PLC Lab, please contact Rob Frohock.

Got something to say?
If you'd like to write for the next Preferred Pyroscope, simply respond to this email and let us know.

Eric Christian
Howard Wells
Mike Kowalski

Darrel Scribner

Gary Rice

Upcoming Publications

Today's Boiler
- by Pete Lavelle

Renewable Energy
- by Dan Wallace


Financial Summary 
- by Dwayne Boulden

A great end to a record year! March 31st was the second largest shipping day in the company’s history, and rocketed us past the goal of $25M in revenue.

You all are to be commended and congratulated for playing a role in that significant milestone. As we look to fiscal year 2017, it becomes increasingly difficult to predict what is going to happen.

Some indicators like consulting engineer activity are on the rise which is promising.

Other areas we are seeing slowdowns due to energy price reductions and the uncertainty of an election year.

We need to strive to continue to deliver the best results to our customers in order to stay competitive in these uncertain times.

"It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure." 
- Bill Gates
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